Those who wish to present their work in the 2021 webinars will have to send an abstract with the proposal (in Spanish or English) not exceeding 500 words to before March 1, 2021.

It is recommended to follow the template that you can download from here.

From all the abstracts submitted, the organizing committee, composed of SHAIO Council members, will choose the papers presented during 2021 in online sessions through the Microsoft Teams platform.

The webinars are open to the international scientific community’s participation, so the official languages will be English and Spanish.

As a guideline, each session will have a duration of 60 minutes. Presentations of approximately 40 minutes are recommended, leaving 20 minutes for discussion of the work.

The papers must be related to one of the following topics:

1. COVID-19 pandemic impact-related studies.
2. Energy and environmental economics using input-output.
3. Methodological aspects in input-output analysis and Social Accounting Matrices.
4. International trade and value-added generation.
5. Other modeling related to input-output analysis.



Microsoft Teams

Webinars edition will be carried out through the Microsoft Teams platform for which SHAIO has a host license.

SHAIO’s members, as well as those individuals registered, will receive a link to join the session without the need to be users, simply providing the name under which they want to appear in the session to facilitate the interaction. Please, insert it with the following structure:

Name SURNAME (Institution)

To follow the session from mobile devices, please install the app of Microsoft Teams. Despite it is not needed if attending from a computer, it is recommended.